Three suction modes according to your needs.


Three modes to choose from. The perfect balance between power and autonomy, when you need it.


Soft roller brush

The motorized brush is covered with a nylon fabric to capture larger particles, while anti-static carbon fiber filaments remove fine dust and allergens.


Reports performance in real time.

The integrated monitoring system analyzes the performance 8,000 times per second and indicates it in real time on the LCD screen.


Integrated monitoring system

An integrated monitoring system and the energy saving trigger help to optimize the autonomy.


Hygienic container emptying with trigger mechanism

The trigger mechanism hygienically expels all dust and debris from the container with a single gesture, so there is no need to come into contact with dirt.


Charging station

The Dyson V11™ vacuum fits into the wall mount, which is used to recharge the battery and store tools neatly. So it is ready for the next use.


Replaceable battery

The battery is easily replaceable with one click. If you have a replaceable battery we recommend that you alternate them from time to time so they can drain naturally.


Washable filter

Washing the Dyson filter is quick and easy and ensures optimal machine performance. Once washed, leave it for at least 24 hours in an area with good airflow, to make sure it is completely dry before repositioning it.





Suction power without performance drops

The 7-cell nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery ensures suction power without performance drops, for thorough cleaning throughout the home.


Powered by Dyson Hyperdymium ™ engine

It reaches up to 125,000 rpm generating the most powerful suction among cordless vacuum cleaners when in use.


Radial Root Cyclone™Technology

14 cyclones create forces of 79,000 g to push dust into the container without clogging the filter, thus avoiding any loss of suction.


Totally sealed filtration system

The fully sealed six-layer filtration system is designed by the same engineers who produce Dyson machines. Capture 99.99% of particles up to 0.3 microns⁴ and expel cleaner air into your home.


Acoustic engineering

Designed to absorb vibration and reduce noise, to ensure a low level of noise emissions.


Online configuration

The engine, container and Cyclone structure are aligned, so that air is drawn into the Cyclones in a straight line to generate the powerful Dyson suction.




Brush: soft roller brush

Weight: 3.09 kg

Charging time: 4.5 hours

Autonomy: up to 60 min

Cyclonic technology: 14 concentric cyclones

Filtration: advanced filtration throughout the appliance

Container Volume: 0.76 L

Suction power (Max mode): 220 AW

Height: 261 mm

Length: 250 mm

Width: 1.261 mm




Clip for accessories

Soft roller brush

Mini turbo brush

Lance nozzle

Mini gentle brush with quick attachment

Multifunction Brush

Charging station


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